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Hausman aspires to create products that primarily serve the disability community. Our first range of products, the Attachment System, Cupholder, Essentials Plus Bag and Essentials Bag (the “Products”) are primarily designed for the use on manual wheelchairs and functional, attractive, and hopefully inspirational. You are welcome to browse the Website as a visitor without providing any information to us. Registered users (“Registered Users”) of our Website can (i) view all publicly-accessible content, (ii) email us, (iii) post anonymous comments, (iv) place Product orders, on an individual or group basis, (v) sign-up for alerts and other notifications, and (vi) sign-up for promotions. If you would like to use our Website as a Registered User, you will need to create a user account. During the registration process, you will have to provide your name, email address, shipping address and create a user name and password for your account. You represent and warrant that all registration information you submit is truthful and accurate and you will maintain the accuracy of such information. You are solely responsible for the confidentiality of your Registered User account, as well as for its use and misuse. You will promptly inform us of any need to deactivate a user name or password. We reserve the right to delete or change your user name and/or password at any time and for any reason. We are under no obligation to accept you as a Registered User, and may accept or reject any registration, in our sole and absolute discretion.


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As a multidisciplinary designer with Rokt’s marketing department, you will an integral part of our marketing team. You will work alongside our senior designer to design and execute a variety of creative campaigns spanning sales and marketing materials, both in print and digital spaces, as well as video + motion graphics, and social content.


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