Energy Management,
Budgeting & Cost Control 

Our approach to budget planning and execution focuses on adding value and providing cost control solutions – for higher revenue, lower costs, and more accurate purchasing decisions.

This can range from Life Cycle Costing Analysis of your equipment and facility to Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) and Operating Expenses (OPEX), which our team can develop and monitor. We can also prepare an energy management plan to help you control, reduce, and save on energy consumption.

Health & Safety

Remaining steadfast to the health and safety of all facility occupants and staff, we formulate a complete set of Environment, Health and Safety procedures in compliance with internationally recognized standards.

This includes fire drills, Occupational Health and Safety manuals, Job Hazard Analysis, and technical emergency plans. We can also provide First Aid and Clinic Services, Kitchen and Food Safety, as well as Indoor Air Quality Audits to ensure optimal air and environment quality.

Managing Agent
& Consultancy

Because every project requires a different approach, our services can be handpicked or mixed and matched to cater to what you truly need for your business, from full-fledged integrated facility management to consultancy. Our team of experts can also act as managing agents to manage and oversee the project on your behalf.

Risk Management

We make it a point to be proactive in identifying and preventing potential drawbacks to keep your business running smoothly, with a keen sense of safety, schedule, and cost-effectiveness.

Through Risk and Technical Engineering Support and Preparedness Plans, our multi-layered approach to risk assessment is focused on business continuity at all times.

Smart Solutions
& Technologies 

At Hausman, we strive to stay on top of the latest smart solutions and technologies in the Facility Management and Operations & Maintenance industry.

Equipped with the latest Computer-aided facility management (CAFM) software, BIM technology, drones for inspections, chatbot applications for facility occupants, and various IoT solutions, the Hausman team can effectively plan, monitor, and manage countless facility management activities through seamless processes and workflows.